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Susan H. Sjolund


Young & Green Horses
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Susan Sjolund on Dr. Anne Carr's pre-green hunter, "Lucy" at The Virginia Horse Center

Field Hunters
Pleasure Mounts
Fox Hunters
Using positive training, we strive to recreate the horse's natural way of going in a variety of settings. 
The goal is mental and physical stabilization to allow the horse to do his job under the weight and influence of the rider.





   Mrs. Claire Reishman - Hillsboro Hounds, TN

 Virginia Episcopal School Riding Team participating in Bedford County Point-to -Point

Whether it's a walk in the woods or a 1.40m course, learning the System of Forward Riding is the key to success. 
Position, Control, and Schooling make up the cornerstones of the system.  Proficiency at each level is paramount. Understanding the correct, effective and invisible use of the aids, will produce the highest quality of performance from any pair.

Berkley Sjolund - first time lesson on the longe line

From beginners on the longe line to qualifiers for national finals, Susan's approach is all about "what the horse thinks".
No such thing as a quick fix, Susan believes that horses need to be educated.  With consistency and repetition, horses can learn self-carriage, obedience and cooperation. 

Mary Elizabeth Moore and her A/O hunter "Yurman"


Roseann Rush with her Adult Hunter "Don't Ask"

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